Tea Round

About Us 

Step inside a Mary Rush Care Facility and you will know you have arrived somewhere special.  Our dedicated team of highly qualified staff have a genuine desire to enrich the lives of vulnerable adults with learning and associated disabilities in need of care and support.

Above all we create a vibrant atmosphere where independence, choice, freedom and dignity are valued above all else. We enable individuals to to take an active part within the local community through dedicated activities, such as gardening and cooking classes.

For this reason, we have developed a carefully tailored programme for all individuals to ensure that the care and overall experience is bespoke and not just meets expectations, but exceeds them. 


We are a family run organisation - the name Mary Rush belonged to the Director’s mother who, in our mind, embodied the ethos of our company. She was a loving, caring and honest lady who welcomed everyone, gave generously to others and wanted the very best for the people around her. Every day, her name reminds us of her kindness to others and we instil this into our goals and aspirations for our staff, the individuals we care for and the general community around us. 

Over the past 8 years we have built our initial facility – The Retreat – into a home we are very proud of and we have now expanded our services into providing support for individuals who live within the community.

Our care services feel like they ought to: comfortable, welcoming, relaxed and safe. It is the little touches that make a big difference, such as fresh flowers, pets and above all our team of staff who put their heart and soul into caring for individuals in our care.

We pride ourselves on a person centred programme of care, which will help to build upon the strengths and wishes of those who use our service and help to improve their quality of life.


Preserving Dignity
No two people are ever the same.  Each person has a unique life experience and the right to expect the respect they deserve.

Nurturing the spirit
We care for more than the physical needs of those using our service - social interaction and mental stimulation are a vital part of daily living.

Celebrating Individuality
Each person we meet has a unique life story that we want to hear and understand.  It helps us to create an Individualised Care Plan based on the unique characteristics and preferences of each person.

Please, don’t just take our word for it, come and visit to see for yourself how life could be better with us.

Our wonderful Registered Manager, Deanna Bishop, and the rest of the team at Mary Rush look forward to welcoming you soon!